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February 05, 2010

Being Humorous Can Get You Free Stuff

I was funny on Twitter, and I won this. The conversation went as follows:

Think Geek: Geek O'Clock!! In honor of #snowpocalypse, reply by 4:30pm EST to win a cozy Tauntaun! Or double-enter via Facebook: http://j.mp/bE7IOV

Me: @thinkgeek I would like to win a Tauntaun! Unless I have to sleep in its entrails. Then I don't. #snowpocalypse

TG: @kaellinn18 Congratumalations! And yes, you have to sleep in the entrails. They smell nice.

Me: @thinkgeek Fine, I will sleep in the entrails. But if my wife leaves me, we will have words. WORDS, do you understand?

TG: @kaellinn18 *waves hand* Your wife will understand. She will not mind if you sleep in the Tauntaun.


I enjoyed the Jedi mind trick at the end. Okay, geek time is over. *Waves hand* Nothing to see here. Move along.


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