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January 31, 2010

One Month Of Storytelling

I have been successful in keeping both of my New Year's Resolutions so far this year. Reading the New Testament has been easy, since it's just five chapters a week. Writing a story for Ficly every day has been a lot more challenging. I feel most comfortable writing suspense, science fiction, or fantasy (basically the stuff I read). In writing these stories I've tried to branch out from my comfort zones and write a wide variety of settings and characters, and I believe I have succeeded.

I've run the gamut from blackmail in "Valuable Information" to fantasy in "The Flying Prince." I've written in the familiar science fiction genre with "Ambush at Corbin," and I've narrated the completely random in "Road Trip." I've also attempted some humor with "Alien FAQ" and some philosophical navel gazing with "Dreams." This exercise has really been useful for me as I attempt to keep from retreading the same ground over and over and boring any readers I may have.

It's been an interesting month, and I'm hoping I can keep this up for the rest of the year. I haven't felt like I've come close to running dry on the creative tap yet, and I'm hoping that won't happen for a long time yet. For those of you who are just now learning of my quest to write a story for every day this year, I have provided a table below with links to all of my work for January. If you'd like to follow my progress as I continue through the rest of the year, I post daily updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Date Story Genre
January 1Valuable InformationSuspense
January 2WingsFantasy
January 3The Deal Is On HoldUrban Fantasy
January 4Into The WoodFantasy
January 5The Puzzling Plight Of Reginald T. BadweatherHumor
January 6A Night At The FairRomance
January 7Alien FAQHumor
January 8Savage WinterThriller
January 9Hasty PreparationsFantasy
January 10Road TripHumor
January 11DreamsInspirational
January 12Ambush At CorbinScience Fiction
January 13Not According To PlanAlternate History
January 14The Flying PrinceFantasy
January 15If Mel Brooks Was MayorHumor
January 16Midnight In The Garden Of EdenHumor
January 17Two Roads Diverged In A WoodFantasy
January 18Stockton's HoardAdventure
January 19One In A MillionGeneric Fiction
January 20DeliveranceZombie
January 21Severed TiesAdventure
January 22The Measure Of A ManWestern
January 23Meta PoemPoetry
January 24Dirty LaundryUrban Fantasy
January 25The PromiseGeneric Fiction
January 26A Lover ScornedSuspense
January 27A ConversationHumor
January 28ResultsMicro Fiction
January 29DisillusionedGeneric Fiction
January 30Shared GuiltGeneric Fiction
January 31Long GoneScience Fiction


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