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December 01, 2009

Various and Sundry

Alternative title: You Still Write On This Thing?

I guess it's time for my semiannual blog post; it's been almost six months since I've written anything here. That's what you call dedication right there. What that's dedication to, I have no idea, but six months is a long time to be doing or not doing something, so I feel I deserve some recognition. And now, on to more interesting things.


Boston.com is doing a 2009 Hubble Telescope advent calendar. They will be posting a different picture taken by the Hubble every day until Christmas. Today's is a beautiful nebula. You will go check it out and then bookmark it. I have spoken.


I have discovered something epic which pretty much everyone should have on their computer. MVPS.org maintains a blacklist of ad servers, user tracking servers, and malware/spyware servers. They brilliantly place all of these servers into a HOSTS file and redirect them to the black hole of (Less technical explanation: this group maintains a list of computers that send annoying or bad things to your computer while you are surfing the web, which slow down websites or possibly directly harm your machine. Copying this list to your machine causes all requests to these servers to never take place. They are redirected to, which is your own machine.) I recommend you visit this site, read up on it, and install the HOSTS file on your computer. Web pages load ridiculously fast on my machine now.


The Church of Scientology is getting sued... again. This organization needs to be destroyed already. That would be just swell.


The human chameleon. This guy paints himself so that he's camouflaged into his environment. He could be IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW.

That's all I got for now. You'd think I'd have more after six months, but you'd be wrong.


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