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March 20, 2009

March Madness: Day #1

I'm 13-16 so far for round one. That's pretty decent I'd say. Of my three misses (I picked Clemson, Illinois, and Butler to all make it to round two), I only had Clemson proceeding to round three (and losing there). So even though all my losses are in the South bracket, the important pieces are still intact. I have Gonzaga meeting Syracuse there for the Elite 8 game. Since all my losses are in the South, I'm perfect in East and West. Midwest hasn't started yet; all of their games are today.

I guess it's not a huge upset that Clemson lost to Michigan. Michigan had a pretty decent schedule this year, and they beat several good teams that came to the tournament, including UCLA and Duke. Clemson just had such an awesome start to their season (undefeated until January) that I hoped that would carry in to the tournament. They only had one bad loss to UNC. Of course, they had an inexcusable loss to Georgia Tech at the end of the season. I'm not even going to try and defend that one. Did they just leave starters out of the game to save them for the tournament? I didn't watch it. At any rate, they should have gone much farther, and it is disappointing that they are out so early.

I was hoping Butler would pull the technical upset over LSU, but they just couldn't do it. I watched the last half of the game at the gym while I was working out, and they just couldn't get their defense together. They were able to get down the court and hit three pointers to slowly close the gap with LSU, but when LSU comes right back down and hits for two, it's going to take a long time to catch up. If they'd made a few more key stops, they would have had this game easily.

And Illinois losing to Western Kentucky? REALLY?? I'd be surprised if anyone has a perfect bracket at this point after that game.


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