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February 24, 2009

The Post Of Plenty

I went to the gym today, as usual, but I couldn't do my weigh-in for the week. Someone had left the weights on the right side of the scale for who knows how long, and it had knocked it out of whack. The scale would not zero out properly when all the weights were on the left. So, I had to wait until I got home tonight to weigh in. The home scale said 204, but this measurement was made at a different time of day and right after I ate dinner. I'm going to assume the one pound difference is from the food and just call this past week a wash. Overall this last week, I came in under in my calorie intake, but there were a couple of days where I had more than I should. Hopefully I will see better progress in the next week.


This past weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday I finished reading 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. I avoided reading this book for the longest time because I didn't enjoy the movie at all, and the book was based on the movie (not the other way around, per usual). However, several of my friends who share my reading interests told me the book was much better, so I ended up getting it. I'm glad I did! The book is so much better than the movie. I'm not sure if the movie is lacking (in my personal opinion) because of the technology that existed when the movie was made (1968) or if Kubrick maybe took some liberties with the script. It doesn't really matter, though. If you like science fiction, I definitely recommend the book, even if you didn't like the movie.

Saturday night we met my family in Fair Lakes at Sakura for my aunt's 50th birthday celebration. I love me some Japanese food. I'm not sure if the hibachi style food is traditional Japanese (i.e., they actually eat that kind of food in Japan) or if it's Americanized Japanese food, much like most Chinese food is in the USA. My gut tells me it's Americanized, but I don't care. It's awesome. For the record, I do enjoy traditional Japanese foods as well, like sushi and sashimi. Not that you care.

Sunday afternoon I went out bowling with a bunch of the men from church. We had an absolute blast. I hadn't been bowling in a really long time, and after about a game and a half, I started to get my rhythm back. We bowled two games and started a third one. I did pretty horribly at the beginning of the first game, to the point where I was wondering if I would even break 100. (I haven't bowled below 100 in probably over 15 years.) Luckily, toward the end of the game I started to improve, and I ended up getting a 115. Dave, the winner of the first game, had a 139, so I wasn't far behind.

The second game was a hard-fought match between myself and Daniel. He opened up the game with a turkey (three strikes in a row) and was immediately off to a huge lead. I managed to keep not too far behind him by getting several spares in a row. In the middle of the game, he hit a rough patch with a few open frames in a row, and I managed to land a double, which caught me back up with his score. In the final frame, we were separated by only a few points. I got a strike on my first turn, and then on my second, I got a nine. I failed to pick up the spare, and Daniel got ready for his turn. He rolled a nine on his first ball, which brought him pretty close to my score. He would have to spare in order to beat me, but luckily (for me) he missed, and I ended up winning by two points, 156 to 154.

Our two hour time slot for the lanes was almost over, but we decided to just start a third game to get as much for our money as we could. This game probably would have been my best. Like Daniel's previous game, I opened it with a turkey. On my fourth turn, I rolled what looked and felt like a perfect ball, but the ten pin somehow managed to stand it's ground. At this point it was time to leave, but at the rate I was going, I'm pretty sure I would have topped 200 if I had been able to finish the game.

Bowling with the guys on Sunday made me realize how much I miss the sport. I bowled in a league for many years when I was a kid, and our team of four took first place in South Carolina state's for our age group one year. I'm thinking about possibly getting back into it and joining a Friday night league over the summer. I want to talk with the guys at church and try to gauge interest to see if any of them would be willing to form a team. Even if they don't want to, though, I think I may just join by myself and get put on a random team.


I'm hoping to get some work done this weekend on the cooperative writing project I started with a friend last year. It's been on hiatus for several months 1) because we've both been pretty busy, and 2) due to #1 we haven't been able to get together to discuss where we are going with it. We finally met for dinner several days ago and came up with some pretty good ideas and modifications. This weekend I hope to work on a map of the world we've created and start an actual plot outline. If I don't have an outline, I'll end up writing in tangents that will never get resolved, so before we go any further I would like to get at least the main points nailed down.

That's all I got for now. Hopefully things are going well for you.


Previous Weight: 203 lbs
Current Weight: 204 lbs
Goal Weight: 185 lbs


At February 25, 2009 at 5:39 PM , Blogger ccnusbaum said...

I think that's a terrific idea. it's so nice to have a hobby that allows you to interact with people -- especially one that keeps you active :-)


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