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February 17, 2009

Back In Action

I believe I am now fully recovered from the flu or whatever it was I had last week. It was not fun, but it did have the side benefit of helping me lose some weight. I woke up at 8AM this morning and did my usual routine for the first time in over a week, and I made it to the gym this afternoon for another workout. My current progress is noted at the bottom of this post. I have to say that I'm very satisfied with the progress I've made in the last two weeks, and I hope that I can continue to make similar progress in the weeks to come. I hope to be in much better shape for the annual beach trip this year.


I picked up a couple of new board games this past weekend for Courtney and I to play. It's... challenging... to find games that she and I both would enjoy and that can be played with only two people. I ended up getting The Settlers of Catan Card Game and Tigris and Euphrates. We played both games the day we got them, but we didn't get to finish Settlers, so I can't really report on that one. What we played of it was fun, but we ended up having to go to bed because it was one in the morning (we started late) by the time we were even getting close to being finished.

We've spent most of our time playing Tigris and Euphrates. I have to admit, I was worried about getting this game because there is a good deal of direct conflict in it, something that Courtney doesn't usually enjoy in games. We've had a couple of rough spots in playing while we were both learning the rules, but the last game we played ended up being a lot of fun, even considering the multiple conflicts that arose during the round. (For the record, she has beaten me four out of the five times that we've played, so I don't see what she has to complain about.)

This is definitely a fun game if you like your games with strategy in them. Personally, I don't really care for games that are mostly luck-based, and Courtney doesn't really get into strategy type games. I think it's pretty lucky that we both ended up liking this game. Of course, I think her taste in games may be changing as well. She didn't think she would like Settlers of Catan (the original), but it's a favorite or hers now. I think that game definitely opened some doors for some deeper games, such as Tigris and Euphrates, and I'm hoping to be able to get more in the future that she will also enjoy.


Previous Weight: 210 lbs
Current Weight: 203 lbs
Goal Weight: 185 lbs


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