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October 01, 2008

Poker Progress

I haven't really been posting about my poker play because there hasn't been much to say, at least in terms of notable events. But I've been slowly and steadily building a pretty decent bankroll on Absolute Poker. I've hit the final two tables of several small buy-in tournaments for decent payouts, and I think I might have final tabled one also. I've been playing $.10NL here and there and getting a few dollars at a time. I've also played a few SNGs, and as of earlier tonight, my bankroll was sitting at a little over $400.

I've been following Chris Ferguson's money management tips in order to keep from going broke, and it has been working very well. One of his tips is that he never spends more than 5% of his bankroll to enter a single table sit-n-go tournament. Since my bankroll was at a little over $400 tonight, I decided to take a shot at a $20 sit-n-go to see if I can get started at that level. Well, I brought my "A" game, and I ended up winning the whole thing, coming away with a $70 profit.

So now my bankroll is a little under $500, and I have a small cushion for playing sit-n-gos at the $20 level. If I can keep my head straight and avoid the beats and suckouts, I could get my bankroll back up to the level it was before Congress went and screwed everything up in the online poker community. If I get to that point, I may start thinking about trying to win my way into some bigger tournaments. I came less than 50 places away from winning a seat in the WSOP main event one year, and it would be nice to get back to the point where I can start taking those kind of shots again.



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