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September 27, 2008

Insurance Rant

So, on September 16th, some woman backed out of a parking space into the side of my car, which was directly behind her in the driving lane. How she did not see me is unfathomable. It's not like I was in front or behind her space where I would be somewhat out of view. I was directly behind her car. Observation fail.

Anyway, I get this lady's insurance info, and we part ways. I call Amica (the company) later that week, and that Friday their insurance adjuster comes out and looks at the damage to my vehicle. He gives me an estimate and tells me to call him if I want a recommendation for a body shop. I call him on Monday, and he recommends I take it to True 2 Form, since they have a direct bill set up with Amica. I take my car over there yesterday, and they call Enterprise, who comes to pick me up. We go to their office, and they set up a direct bill with Amica for the car rental. This was easily the most efficient insurance process I've ever been through.

"Matt, this is the worst rant ever."

I'm not done yet! Don't interrupt. It's not polite.

Later that day, I get a call from Enterprise saying that Amica has not accepted liability for the accident, and that I need to bring the car back. What the hell? While I'm on the phone with Enterprise, the house phone starts ringing, and True 2 Form leaves a message saying that Amica has denied the repairs, and I need to come and get my car. What the hell? So I call Amica and demand to know what's going on. Apparently they haven't yet talked to the lady that hit my car. That's right, kids. By this point it's been ten days since the accident, and this stupid woman has yet to report it to the insurance company. They can't get a hold of her or her husband.

So I ask them what happens if they don't get a hold of this person? Are you going to cancel their policy or something? The lady tells me that, no, they won't. I ask, then, what motivation exactly do these people have to contact Amica, then? She says that they would have to pay for the accident out of pocket. How exactly are they going to pay for my repairs when I can't get the damn thing fixed?! Apparently, I'm not even supposed to have the estimate that the insurance adjuster gave me. So why did you send him out?? I hang up on the stupid woman, so I can go and get my car back.

I return the rental to Enterprise, and they have to charge me for a day's rental. I'm now out $35 bucks because Amica won't cover the damn rental. They drive me back over to True 2 Form, where I pick up my car and drive home. I'm not inside the house more than five seconds when my phone rings. It's someone from another Enterprise branch saying that Amica has set up a reservation for me. At this point I'm prepared to murder someone. I tell this guy everything that's happened that day, and he suggests that I call the Enterprise branch I dealt with earlier. I call them and talk to the guy, and he says that he doesn't think Amica has assumed liability yet and to just wait until I hear from them.

(I'd like to make on thing clear: the people at Enterprise and True 2 Form were great. They were very nice and genuinely sorry for the mess that Amica had caused. I will be giving both of those companies my business when this gets worked out.)

So at this point, I've lost $35 and 4 hours of work time because of an accident that wasn't even my fault. If I don't hear from Amica by Monday or Tuesday, I am calling Allstate and having them sic their lawyers on Amica. This whole situation is ridiculous. I'm beginning to think that there is no good way whatsoever to deal with insurance companies, whether it's yours or someone else's. I hate them all. I guarantee you this, though. If I have to go through Allstate to get to Amica, they will be reimbursing me for that car rental and paying me $400 for the time I wasted because of their screw-up.

Writing this has raised my blood pressure. I'm going to go break something to bring it back down.



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