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August 24, 2008


I can think of no coherent way to string all of this stuff together, so this post is just going to be a bunch of random factoids. Enjoy. Or don't; I'm not the boss of you.

My little sister, Julie, who was in a severe car accident a little over three years ago, just started back at school full time again. She's been going through a lot of physical, speech, and occupational therapy over the years, and she's come a very long way. But there's still a long way to go. She's still in a wheelchair, and she has an assistant taking her to all her classes. She also still has trouble speaking, but if you're with her in person, you can generally understand what she's saying. This is a huge step forward for her, and a nice break for my mom, who has not left her side for those three years.

I played in a $1 rebuy no limit hold'em tournament last night on a lark. A little under 500 people entered. I rebought immediately and then did the double add-on at the first break. I ended up playing this thing for over five hours. I came in 6th place and won $77. I lost when I went all in with KJ in the big blind over the top of a steal raise from the small blind, and the guy calls me with Ax. I hit my K on the flop, and he hits his ace on the river. I blame Barry Greenstein.

We had our fantasy football draft on Friday night, and we went over to Carly and Eric's to hang out while the draft went on. Courtney and I are co-managing our team in an eight team league, so everyone ended up with a pretty strong team. We got Tom Brady in the first round, fourth pick. LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, and Randy Moss were the first three to go. Hopefully Brady's foot doesn't end up becoming an issue this season.

We totally screwed up our backup QB choice by picking one with the same bye week as Brady (Hasselbeck). (Hey, it's our first time playing fantasy football, give us a break.) We ended up trading him right after the draft for Jason Campbell. Then we saw Jason Campbell suck big time last night against Carolina and also learned that we're going to have to use him when they're playing the Cowboys in Dallas. We dropped him, and are hoping to pick up Jake Delhomme, who will be playing Atlanta that week.

The rest of our team, in no particular order: Marion Barber, Plaxico Burress, Brandon Jacobs, Chad Johnson, Chris Cooley, Santonio Holmes, Calvin Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, Jeremy Shockey, Ahmad Bradshaw, Amani Toomer, Seahawks defense, and Nate Kaeding kicking. It's more Giants heavy than I'd like; I was forced into making a quick decision for Amani Toomer when I was close to running out of time. I was being distracted with conversation about something else. I might end up trading him for someone else, or maybe just running three RBs more often. We'll see how the season goes.

That's enough for now. I should probably get back to the writing project I'm working on. I'm not really ready to talk specifics about it yet, except to say that it's a novel. Every time I talk specifics in the early stages of a project, I seem to jinx it and lose interest. I'm co-writing this one, though, so that is helpful, and it's been going pretty strong for a few months now, despite busy schedules on both sides. I'm excited about it, and I will be sure to post about it here when it's further along.

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At August 25, 2008 at 2:45 AM , Blogger jjok said...

sounds like a good draft......I always screw myself taking a QB in the first round and now avoid it like the plague.

But your team looks pretty good

At August 26, 2008 at 9:01 AM , Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Yeah, it's pretty decent. Of course, it doesn't help that Chad Johnson's injury is worse than they first let on. Hopefully he's able to play through the season with a harness and avoid further injury/surgery. If not, that's a pretty bad hit to my team.


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