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July 25, 2008

It's Finally Here!

That's right. I am officially on vacation! We are in the midst of packing to drive to our friends' house in Virginia, where we will stay the night. Tomorrow we will be getting up very early and heading out at 5:30am to head down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I am beyond excited. I haven't had decent time off since Christmas, and I'm beat. I'm ready to relax!

Options for the beach ("to do" is too restrictive):

  • read Watchmen

  • body boarding

  • build a sand castle

  • take some photos for the blog

  • play some board games

  • put together puzzle of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks

  • play miniature golf

  • play Rock Band

  • watch some movies

  • play some poker

  • write some more on my current project

  • play bocci

  • play volleyball

  • have a drink... or many...

I will most likely be updating this blog while I'm down there because I will have free time. Crazy concept, yeah? My heart bleeds for those stuck working next week. I will catch a wave for you.



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